This Sickness We Call Love: Poems of Love, Lust & Lamentation

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Lament For Culloden , Robert Burns A Lament For S. Pat Paw , Louisa May Alcott A Lament , Victor Marie Hugo A Lament , John Greenleaf Whittier Lament , Georg Trakl A Lament , William Henry Drummond The Maiden's Lament , Friedrich Schiller John Kinsella's Lament For Mr. Mary Moore , William Butler Yeats New Lament Poems.

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Delivering Poems Around The World. Controversially, time and experience have corroborated that they are predominantly stirred by the creative pathos inherent in the human condition. How pop is our Shakespeare of the sonnets and the puns and the innuendos? Well, very much indeed since, equally idolised by both royalty and plebs in his time, in our time he remains a global high sell at the box office for all languages and audiences.

Poetry is meant to be oral, it must needs be enunciated as a mini staging, performed as the acting out of an impression, a secret addressed to an anonymous confidant, a clandestine love and loss story, an epic, a legend; in fact, it is a reservoir of collective memory and emotional pulse that binds poet and readers at the core. It is the epitome of universality in art for it draws from everydayness to exist.

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Under such considerations, poetry is in itself, Pop. By the mid 20 th century, when visual artists adopted a similar conception by focusing their interest on the imagery of popular culture, they signalled Pop art as a challenge to the establishment. And, if something has ever inspired the lyrical psyche, it is both the sacrality of the soul and the rebellion against conventions. Poetry expresses the exogenous as existing in the cosmogony of the mind, the unutterable materialised in the echoes of our intimate voice.

The first impact of this work is the splendour in the truth of the heart the poet regales us with all the way through his repertoire.

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