“They’re just Guidelines.” A Single Person’s Guide to Marriage Rules

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You know what it really was, it was that one diorama of all the white-mantled colobus monkeys. Some of those stuffed monkeys went back quite far, and then they fitted them into this thing. It sort of spoils everything to hear that, but when I started looking in Google Images I was starting to discover that. And definitely me. We definitely went there on school trips and other trips, at least as early, probably, as You can only sit there and watch movies so long.


You want to do something else. I would guess that for a visual artist having any kind of eye injury must be stressful and frightening. It was pretty bad. Yeah, I was frightened. But this guy brought me back. It turns out this is a routine operation of a sort. So far, so good. I just came off of a bunch of really intense inking, and it seems to be working OK. One of the things that comes through in Reincarnation Stories is that it seems like you were looking at a lot of silent westerns at some point.

Every one I can get my hands on, all the time. Early sound, too. And even later sound. Even Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. I love them, I just love them. Is that a guilty pleasure? I think Westerns at their best are kind of a bastard art form. Some of our greatest directors: John Ford came out of the westerns and never quite let them go. William Wyler started out in the westerns. And there was great art in them right from the get-go. William S. Hart was a Victorian guy. He came of age before the turn of the twentieth century.

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He was making great movies! You look at those now? They really hold up. I like all the eras of it, too.

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I like Randolph Scott, man. John Ford wanted to make The Quiet Man. He went to the head of Republic, trying to sell this movie. What a great movie! So go figure.

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You see a lot of stuff. You were talking about reading dime novels, and watching these movies, and reading comic strips and all. But you put in the time. Reading nineteenth century legit novels is a hobby of mine.

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  6. Just to read all of the Dumas Three Musketeers books, of which there are five, I ended up having to get different translations to compare and contrast. And I was a little shocked at how much variance was going on.

    When you read that stuff, in addition to getting pleasure out of it, do you find storytelling techniques or story ideas that end up working their way into your books? I suppose. God, how many times has that been imitated, or variations imitations of that? Well, those are just two stand-outs.


    They're Just Guidelines: A Single Person's Guide to Marriage Rules

    Ford directed some of his. He could have crossed over. They stood out, he had good directors, and there was just sort of an interesting unaffected thing about him. They just wore out on high living and stuff.

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    But those two guys: Buck Jones was pretty level headed. He was married to this one woman. The worst thing you could say about him: he got a little cranky about singing cowboys and he kept his daughter on a pretty short leash, but he seemed like a pretty good person, and that sort of comes through in his movies. And Jack Hoxie, too, he just seems like this curious, level-headed guy. He became a star like many of them, out of wild west shows. He was a star for a while, he sort of left, and then he was just sort of working small time shows and stuff. He really loved these animals he worked with.

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    He just seemed like a real genuine guy. It just appealed to me. The one thing that comes close in my life that actually happened like that is when I was seven years old in , me and Simon, we went to the Thanksgiving Day parade. We got there a little early and before it started we looked over: and there was Hopalong Cassidy, standing next to his horse, ready, waiting to get into the parade.

    And he was nice as could be. And then our folks came over to break it up, and he shook hands with them and was nice to them. So, go figure. Crackpot to the end.

    There are a lot of stories in this book. It seemed to work. And it sort of seems like something was guiding me along with it, too. So it was very fulfilling in that way. In a way. But really How I Make Comics is a big fake. But you know what killed it? And I failed: miserably! Well that book is about education in the same way this one is about reincarnation.


    But my best strength as a teacher is that I get with the kids, I like the kids, and I develop a nice relationship with them. I can entertain them. Well they get that from me. I respect kids. I respect youth. More than a lot of people. It reminded me, too, of Alias the Cat , where we see the comic strip, then we read the newspaper articles, then we hear an oral history from somebody who witnessed the events, and the reader gets these different versions to put together. And then later Waldo tells a slightly different version, giving it a little more background and bringing it a little more down to earth.

    You get slightly different variations on that story, four times.