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The beard of the red king has already grown through the table slab at which he is sitting, but it must wind itself three times round the table before his second event. Sleep on. Charlemagne is not dead, but only asleep in Untersberg, near Saltzburg, waiting for the advent of Antichrist, when he will rouse from his slumber, go forth conquering, and will deliver Christendom that it may be fit for the second advent and personal reign of Christ. Charles V.

Knez Lazar , of Servia, supposed to have been slain by the Turks in , is not really dead, but has put on sleep for a while, and at an allotted moment he will re-appear in his full strength. Grecian Legends. In the British Museum is an exquisite statue of Endymion asleep. Irish Traditions. Every seventh year he re-appears in full armor, rides round the lake early in the morning, and will ultimately reappear and claim the family estates.

Scott, Fortunes of Nigel. Jewish Legend. Russian Tradition. There he sleeps, waiting patiently the summons which will be given him, when he will awake, and wave his conquering sword to the terror of the Muscovite.

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Scandinavian Tradition. Being overthrown by Swolde, king of Sweden A. Scottish Tradition. Thomas of Erceldoune sleeps beneath the Eildon Hills, in Scotland.

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One day an elfin lady led him into a cavern in these hills, and he fell asleep for seven years, when he revisited the upper earth, under a bond that he would return immediately the elfin lady summoned him. One day, as he was making merry with his friends, he heard the summons, kept his word, and has never since been seen. Scott, Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border.

Spanish Tradition. Bobadil el Chico , last of the Moorish kings of Granada, lies spell-bound near the Alhambra, but in the day appointed he will return to earth and restore the Moorish government in Spain. Swiss Legend. Sleeper Awakened The. Abou Hassan, the son of a rich merchant at Bagdad, inherited a good fortune; but, being a prudent man, made a vow to divide it into two parts: all that came to him from rents he determined to set apart, but all that was of the nature of cash he resolved to spend on pleasure.

In the course of a year he ran through this fund, and then made a resolve in future to ask only one guest at a time to his board. This guest was to be a stranger, and never to be asked a second time. When he woke he could not decide if he had been in a dream or not, but his conduct was so strange that he was taken to a mad-house. He was confined for several 6 days, and, being discharged, the caliph in disguise again visited him, and repeated the same game, so that next day he could not tell which had been the dream. Abou Hassan now played a trick on the caliph. He pretended to be dead, and sent his young wife to the sultana to announce the sad news.

Zobeida, the sultana, was very much grieved, and gave her favorite a sum of money for the funeral expenses. On her return she played the dead woman, and Abou Hassan went to the caliph to announce his loss. The caliph expressed his sympathy, and, having given him a sum of money for the funeral expenses, went to the sultana to speak of the sad news of the death of the young bride. The sultana would not believe him, and sent her aged nurse to ascertain the fact.

As she approached, Abou Hassan pretended to be dead, and the bride to be the wailing widow; accordingly, the nurse contradicted the report of the eunuch. The caliph and sultana, with the nurse and eunuch, then all went to see for themselves, and found both apparently dead. Sleeping Beauty The , a lady who sleeps in a castle a hundred years, during which time an impenetrable wood springs up around the castle; but being at length disenchanted by a young prince, she marries him. The brothers Grimm have reproduced this tale in German.

Slender is a country lout, cousin of Justice Shallow. Slick Mose , idiot boy, yet with animal instinct and dogged fidelity enough to make him signally useful to those to whom he is attached. And more people are half-witted than is suspected. Sliderskew Peg , the hag-like housekeeper of Arthur Gride. She robs her master of some deeds, and thereby brings on his ruin. Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby Sligo Dr. He looks with contempt on his countryman, Dr.

Osasafras, because he is but a parvenu. He is not a Milesian, I am sure. The family, I suppose, came over the other day with Strongbow, not above seven or eight hundred years ago. Slingsby Philip , pseudonym of N.

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Willis, in the series of essays and tales published as The Slingsby Papers. Chief among these is Love in the Library Slippers , which enabled the feet to walk, knives that cut of themselves, and sabres which dealt blows at a wish, were presents brought to Vathek by a hideous monster without a name. Beckford, Vathek Slipslop Mrs. Slocums The , Rowland Slocum , the head of a large marble-yard, and a good citizen.

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  • He gives Richard Shackford employment, and lets him become an inmate of his family. Aldrich, The Stillwater Tragedy Slop Dr. Burton, a man mid-wife of York. Slopard Dame , wife of Grimbard, the brock or badger, in the beast-epic of Reynard the Fox Sloppy , a love-child, brought up by Betty Higden, for whom he turned the mangle. When Betty died, Mr. Boffin apprenticed him to a cabinet-maker. Of an ungainly make was Sloppy. There was too much of him longwise, too little of him broadwise, and too many sharp angles of him angle-wise He had a considerable capital of knee, and elbow, and wrist, and ankle.

    Full-private Number One in the awkward squad was Sloppy. Dickens, Our Mutual Friend , I. Slote Hon. Woolf, The Mighty Dollar Neighbor Pliable would not attempt it, and turned back. While Christian was floundering in the slough, Help came to his aid, and assisted him over.

    The name of the slough was Despond. Here they wallowed for a time, and Christian, because of the burden that was on his back, began to sink into the mire. This miry slough is such a place as cannot be mended.

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    It is the descent whither the scum and filth that attends conviction of sin doth continually run, and therefore is it called the Slough of Despond; for still, as the sinner is awakened about his lost condition, there arise in his soul many fears and doubts and discouraging apprehensions, which all of them get together, and settle in this place, and this is the reason of the badness of this ground. Slowboy Tilly , nurse and general help of Mr. Her costume was remarkable for its very partial development, and always afforded glimpses at the back of a pair of dead-green stays.

    Tilly, who had been a foundling, looked upon the house of Peerybingle, the carrier, as a royal residence, and loved both Mr. Peerybingle with all the intensity of an undivided affection. Dickens, The Cricket on the Hearth Scott, Kenilworth time, Elizabeth. Slum Mr. He called on Mrs. Jarley, exhibitor of wax-works, all by accident. Why I came here? What a splendid 9 classical thing is this, Mrs. By the way--any orders, madam? Is there anything I can do for you? Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop Dickens, The Pickwick Papers Sly Christopher , a keeper of bears, and a tinker. Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit Small Gilbert , the pinmaker, a hard-working old man, who loves his son most dearly.

    Thomas Small , the son of Gilbert, a would-be man of fashion and maccaroni. Very conceited of his fine person, he thinks himself the very glass of fashion. Thomas Small resolves to make a fortune by marriage, and allies himself to Kate, who turns out to be the daughter of Strap, the cobbler.

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    Knowles, The Beggar of Bethnal Green Small Beer Poet The. Thomas Fitzgerald. Smallweed Family The , a grasping, ill-conditioned lot, consisting of grandfather, grandmother, and the twins, Bartholomew and Judy. The grandfather indulges in vituperative exclamations against his aged wife, with or without provocation, and flings at her anything he can lay his hand on.

    He becomes, however, so dilapidated at last that he has to be shaken up by his amiable grand-daughter, 10 Judy, in order to be aroused to consciousness. Smauker John , footman of Angelo Cyrus Bantam. Sometimes one U is omitted. Butler says the business of synods is:. Smollett was so called by Sterne, because his volume of Travels through France and Italy is one perpetual snarl from beginning to end.

    The lamented Smelfungus travelled from Boulogne to Paris, from Paris to Rome, and so on; but he set out with the spleen and jaundice, and every object he passed by was discolored or distorted.

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