The Practical Guide To Doing Toy Business In Europe

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And businesses more broadly are beginning to explore the opportunities this technology offers.

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According to a recent survey by PwC UK , 40 percent of businesses said they are expecting or planning to buy drone services, with 56 percent saying they are positive about drones and 33 percent reporting drones are already being used effectively by their industry. Of course, their implementation is not as straightforward as launching one into the sky.

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Amazon has been grappling with regulatory and logistical challenges since showcasing their drone technology way back in Trust among the public also remains an impediment to uptake. Despite the demonstrable benefits drones offer, plenty of obstacles still must be overcome before they become fully mainstream. Despite the challenges, many types of drone are ready to be adopted, with the ability to improve business outcomes now. Here are five ways that drones can be leveraged to transform business:. Faster and cheaper than traditional surveying methods, drones improve the ability to collect the visual data of a site.

Their ability to detect changes in volumetrics, and send data straight to the cloud for collaborative purposes, helps create one source of truth. Camera and sensor equipment on drones can be used to convey live images of a project, which allows managers to ensure design and schedule are adhered to, and quickly address problems with both.

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Instead of sending out a maintenance team, drones can quickly identify degradation in infrastructure, allowing businesses to more efficiently deploy their human resources, as well as reducing their personal safety risks. The use of drones in emergency situations is well documented , and they are effectively being rolled out in supporting firefighting, search and rescue efforts to help assess a situation before first responders are deployed. The strides in improvements such as distance and camera resolution is helping overcome the limitations that have previously held drones back from being used more widely.

Beyond the agricultural applications that aid farmers , such as the ability to identify health issues with crops early, drones can also avert potential environmental disasters by detecting the leaking of hazardous materials, while sensors can help assess air quality and pollution levels, enabling government bodies to alert citizens to health risks.

PwC believes drones will become one of the most important sources of data and insights of the physical world in the coming years, and their proliferation means organisations must move fast in order to avoid losing out to their competitors who adopt early.

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The real benefit lies in taking the data, processing, analysing and interpreting the results and applying them to improve existing business. This also means ensuring the right talent — from technology specialists to data analysts — is on board to enable this. What are these concepts, how do they differ, and what do they offer? Back to Reports List. Please login Not a BSR member? BSR Conference. The New Climate for Business. Home Our Insights Reports Reports.

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Monday Jun 28, This module will help decode the standard by going through the basics of the requirements, provide information on how to determine which of the provisions apply to your toy, and how to keep track of updates to the standard, etc. Where do you begin? Learn about the basic legal testing and certification requirements — covering topics like frequency of testing, identifying a testing lab, creating a sample, and how long a certification is valid.

Objective In addition to the federal laws in the U. What You Will Learn: U. The module will include resources related to these programs, and standards and guidance on where to find additional information.

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Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide warnings to California residents about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Objective This session, in four minute modules, will provide attendees with an overview of how toys are regulated in Canada, the European Union, and in countries using the ISO toy safety standard as the basis of their national requirements.