The Man From Boot Hill: Reapers Fee: The Reapers Fee

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The Windchill from outside made me shiver. Stepping back, I found myself just as puzzled as it seemed to be. I allowed enough space for the tall figure to fully enter the kitchen. The black space where a face should be made a motion which suggested it was looking around. Did death get to see the inside of many homes? I wondered exactly what death could see. I see everything you can see, as well as the potential of things to be.

You can hear my thoughts? The figure looked directly at me with its bony hand gripping onto the scythe. Most people….. Well, need I say more. Leaning against the counter, Goosebumps began to rise along my arms. They crept from my wrist and worked their way up to my shoulder.

Many stories about death seemed to describe that kind of phenomena. Death glanced at his clipboard again and back at me.

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The black space where a face should be penetrated beyond that superficiality most people put up. I had never hated a feeling so much.

By the way, I like that story too. One of the more accurate. Having someone else in your head took some getting used to. His black robe glided along the kitchen floor past me into the living room. Its robe was made of what looked like material but a thin black smoke emanated from it. There was something magnetizing about the whole thing. The black space under the robe turned to face me. The short answer is that the soul tells me everything I need to know. The thin black smoke coming from the robe left a trial which hovered low to the ground.

Suddenly, death paused. His bony hand extended towards me. A sweat broke out on my forehead. My breathing began to feel a little irregular.

The Man From Boot Hill: Reaper's Fee

When I opened my eyes, all I had in my hand was the empty cup of tea. I stayed up all night typing furiously on my laptop. Afterwards, I had the best sleep of my life. The next day was when I got the news. My twin brother had died. I could hardly believe my eyes.

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Everything in the world is based on logic or rationale, I had always believed, yet here was living proof so to speak that the world is bigger than my beliefs. Supernatural, even! A clipboard? What a pedestrian canvas on which to ledger such a ghastly telling! A blank face? Nothing is as it was supposed to be. As these musings swallowed my disbelief, Death turned His curious clipboard to me. I discovered the revelations of those whom He had visited before. Thoughts and feelings that were not wholly unique from my own. Death, even as the living do, wants answers, to know the unknowable, to intuit the reason why.

And that reason is… because. Life and Death happen simply because. Wordlessly, I gave myself over to The Reaper…what could be said?

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He pulled me into his Presence with His compassionate scythe. I gazed upon His barren visage, sure that my journey of and into the unknown was only beginning. She plopped down on the couch with her glass of wine in hand and breathed a sigh of relief. Wrapping herself in her blanket she sought comfort in the moment she had waited for all day. She tried to clear burdens of her day as she took a long gulp from the glass. She grabbed the remote and started to mindlessly flip through the channels when she heard a knock. But there it was again…knock…knock…knock.

Who the hell is knocking on the door this late? She wondered.

Grim Reaper 'photographed' lurking outside a funeral parlour is shared on Snapchat

She shut off the TV and lights hoping that whoever it was would get the hint and go away. She took another sip of wine and waited to see if she could hear someone. Oh my god, whoever this is better have a good reason to be bothering me, she thought. Irritated she set down her wine and walked over to the door.

She froze in terror as her mind tried to comprehend what she was seeing. The first thing she noticed was the long bony fingers wrapped around a scythe, glistening in the night. She gulped as she slowly she tilted her head up to its head. The figure stood hovering above her.

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It glanced down at a clipboard clutched in between the boney fingers of its hand and cocked its head as it stared down at her. How much did she drink? She had to be imagining this. She just stared. Do you feel old? We got some new help on board and I guess they just got the year switched around. And just like that he was gone. Leaving her to stare into the open night wondering what just happened. Who knew?


Sweet though. Death is chuckling. You should see your face. Some crazy bird is singing its heart out in the bare trees next door. Then he looks back at his clipboard. You were ——um—— supposed to be like dead already.

The worst thing is, you were supposed to be dead like 27 years ago. He checks his clipboard, squints and starts wheezing again. Dude—— brah——it was a bad burrito. So how do I go this time? I am awakened by a thunderous knock at my door. I groggily rise from my desk and walk in the direction of the front door.