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Vinny has grown up and is trying to make a name for himself in the fight arena.

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Liv apparently dropped out of the sky because she has no backstory. She is a writer and becomes friends with Elle. Right when things get heated, Vinny deserts Liv. I enjoy her stories, but this one felt off. The story had good bones, but the details were severely lacking. Intimacy Scenes : Vinny is commanding in the boudoir. This section is sizzling. There is also a hint of danger which made me smile. However, I have level of expectation from Keeland and this one missed the mark a little. It read like she was rushing to complete it and as a result things were lacking.

Oct 28, Plamena rated it really liked it. In order to get the job she needs to write a story. Sounds easy, right?! But what if the story turns out to be about your high school crush that you were madly in love with but he broke your heart. Even better, right?! Vinny is a MMA fighter and we meet him in the first book in the series.

He is all grown up now but still struggles with some issues from his childhood- like his mother who is a drug addict. He made a mistake 7 years ago not being with Liv and he is determined to fix it now. I am giving it 4 stars because I felt that it needed a little more development. Some of the things felt a little bit rushed. But still…a great read. There are people that try to hurt them and secrets they keep from each other… so yeah…it gets complicated. But you know what people say: love is the strongest thing in this world!!!

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View all 10 comments. Shelves: contemporary-romance , romance , adult-steamy , new-adult. When childhood friends fall in love and then something separates them only to find each other once again, years later, all grown up and sexy and irresistible to one another. Where their long ago feelings resurface only to realize they never truly went away to begin with. Was Worth the Chance that kind of read?

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Did I absolutely love it? We met Vinny in book one, Worth the Fight as a smart ass kid who the hero, Nico, takes under his wings, introduces him to the MMA Fighting world, all in an effort to give him something constructive to do with the crappy hand life has dealt him. Vinny is all grown up now and is training for his first real MMA fight. Liv is trying to fulfill her dream of becoming a journalist. These two I loved Vinny! He was definitely no longer a boy but a tempting, take-charge alpha male who likes to dominate everything, including in the bedroom.

I could have easily fallen at his feet and done whatever he wanted me to do. The man was yummy!

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But more than just steamy sex scenes and hot alpha action, this book had a fantastic story. These two had history and the author takes us on flashbacks that are sweet and beautiful and you get a full sense of what these two should have been years ago, if Vinny had of felt more secure of himself.

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Their present is one of reconnection, learning the other as well as themselves but they also have a huge hurdle to overcome before they reach their HEA. Liv was a great heroine, even though I wanted her to tell Vinny about the story right from the start. She was strong and independent. I actually stood up and cheered for Liv. The Wrap Up: Vi Keeland has fast become one of my favorite authors.

She writes intriguing characters with alluring chemistry and stories that will delight any romance reader. Worth the Chance is definitely going in my re-read pile!

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Aug 02, Alba and Her Secrets.. Even more than the first one! Vinny and Liv, they are kind of highschool sweethearts who find each other again and, let me tell you, what an amazing way to come back if you know what I mean ; Vi Keeland knows how to write everything. But, the sex scenes OMG.. Totally recommend this series, now I am going to read the last one and I am so excited about it! Sep 18, Dallison rated it it was amazing. Vinny first appeared in Worth the Fight as a 13 year old bad ass and I loved him then. After reading Worth the Chance I love him even more.

View all 3 comments. Sep 18, Vivian Book madness rated it it was amazing. I'm still trying to catch my breath Awesome wouldn't even come close to describing this story. That is the first sentence. I was sucked in from the beginning. It had everything, and made you live the lives of the characters like you were a part of the story and lived among them. I adored every single page of it and honestly i couldn't let it of my hands. It is funny, heart wrenching and sexy as hell!

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Oh boy Vince Stone. I am in awe for him Well, he is a bad boy, and he knows it. Insanely hot, overprotective, caring and so he has so much to give even though he hasn't received much from anyone. A man with tough childhood and so low self-estimate that made him build walls and hide behind them so noone can hurt him anymore, but the attraction he feels for Liv is undeniable and make him to low his guard and try to pursuit his happiness, but he has his doubts about that because she is so sweet and innocent and so different from any of the women he usually sets his sites on and his first true love and he is afraid because he thinks that he will as always fucked up again and he will end up ruin her.

But the attraction is so big that he just can't be reasonable so he listens to his heart and just go for it! She and Vinny had a history together that hurt her a lot but the attraction she feels for him is undeniable so instead of her objections she decides to just stop think and feel the moment with him and try to trust him again and protect him from what she had discovered. She would do anything to keep him safe even though that means she has to deny her dreams. Definitely a must read ; but i have to warn you, this book is addictive which means that when you start it you can't let it of your sight before you finishing it so its up to you, but honestly its totaly worth it ; Sep 10, Candi rated it it was amazing.

OMG, Major book hangover!

“I’m glad I had the chance to learn British and American English.”

Loved loved loved Vince and Liv!! Review coming! ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review. Vinny is introduced in Worth The Fight.