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I run aroun and roun and roun, An' I bump in ze god dam tree, By an' by, I light out for ze shack. I tink one million skunks Climb right up on my back. My vife, she meet me at ze doer, She sick on me ze dog;. She say, "You no sleep here no more, You go sleep wis ze hog. An' say!

What do you sink? So I no hunt ze skunk no more5 For to get his fur or meat. For if his pee she slnell like zat5 Jese Chris! What if he sheet! He said give us a drink, bartender, My balls are all covered with sleet. Don't look at me that way, bartender, I didn't shit in your seat. I had a gal named Nellie, She wasn't so awfully tough. But I had Blight's Disease of the kidneys, And I couldn't give her enough, When along came one of those city chaps, One of those oily-assed fiends, One of those fellows who'll stick his plunger In any old dish of pork and beans.

Bartender, he Frenched my Nellie. He kissed it and stole her away. And that's what drove me to drink, boys, And that's why I'm here today. So, give us a drink bartender, And I'll be on my way.


He gazed o'er the meadow And then shook his ——- Fist at a policeman, Who stood by a crick, Watching a small boy Who played with his Marbles for pastime As in the days of yore. They looked very blunt, As she gently rolled over And showed me her Fashions in clothing. As I lit a match 1 thought to myself, She would make a fine Nurse for my children, So full of fun and frolics, A man standing by Had his hand on his Tools. He looked like a duck He said he was inventing A new way to Bring up his children, And teach them to knit While his sons in the barnyard Were shoveling the Remains from the horses To spread on the grass.

I don't know what you call it, But it comes from the horse's — Stables in the spring, And helps to fertilize the sod. Now if this isn't poetry, I don't know none, by God. He sat down upon a rock, And took me on his knees. He put his arms around my waist, And for a kiss did beg, And then I felt a searching hand Go stealing up my leg, He lifted up my petticoats, And laid me on my back. He shoved his cock as stiff as starch Right up my rosy crack. And then he softly murmured, Gee! But I'm in luck. He was working like a son of a bitch To get another fuck.

I remember when we parted, He hugged me tight and close.

Venus Winked: Poems, Ballads, Parodies,Limericks, and Clerihews

But I wonder what that guy will think When he finds he's got a dose. There was a young couple from Twistwith, They went to the mill some grist with They fell on the track, And she lay on her back, And they connected the things that they pissed with.

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And now this young couple from Twistwith Who connected the things that they pissed with, She sat on his lap, And they both had the clapp, And they cussed with the things that they kissed with. Asked an eager, anxious lad.

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When another guy approaches With a lovely tale of woe, And he mentions that he knew you In the buried long ago. And he edges to you closely At the table where you sit, And about a small loan whispers, Son, that there is more bullshit. Now this flower of stockyard fragrance Does not bloom alone for men, Women use it in their business To advantage now and then. When a lady lax in morals Fondly whispers you are it. While your coin is burning warmly, Boy, her talk is all—bullshit. If you meet a little fairy While the lights are burning bright, And the horse of dawn is riding Down the beaten track of night.

And she says it never happened In her virgin life before, And that drink and she were strangers Till you butted in the door. And she tells you of her mamma And the things she won't permit, Take a hunch, my son, and copper All those bets—they're just bullshit. As a means of fertilizing Lawns and gardens you will find That this product of the stockyards Has the elements beat blind. But for any other purpose Don't accept it, pass it by. You may not detect the odor, But it works both wet and dry. It is hard to judge the distance Frogs may jump from where they sit.

Poems Ballads and Parodies ()

This may illustrate the meaning Of that classic term—Bullshit. Some take it in their little hands And stroke its little head, Some take it in the cellar, Some take it in the bed. Some take it in their little hands, And stroke its silken hair, To see it swell with passion, And spit up in the air. Some only like to play with it With soft and gentle hands, But so dearly do they love it, That they quickly make it stand.

And then to others give it, That they may feel the sting. Forgive me, gentle reader, I forgot to tell you that The subject of this poem Is nothing but a cat.

The Lucy poems

He shit on the ham and pissed on the cheese, And did many things just such as these. When the groceryman saw what the fly had done, He went for his trusty gatling gun. The clerks got brooms and they were sore, They chased that fly all over the store. But he, to show his contempt of them, He went and did it all over again. He pissed on the ham and shit on the cheese, Then wiped his ass on Fleishman's yeast. Up the lady clerk's leg he took a stroll, He strolled right into the lady's hole.

The lady, she laughed, and rolled on the floor, And she cried, Oh tickle, Oh tickle me more. Then she crossed her legs and took a deep breath, And the poor little fly was smothered to death, [28]. He took her to a swell hotel, Even as you and I. He thought himself a smart young gink As he wrote "and Wife" with the pen and ink, Even as you and I.

He called her Dear and she called him Pet, Even as you and I. He smiled as he thought what he was to get, Even as you and I. They went up the hallway and into the room, Even as you and I. Trying to look like a bride and groom, Even as you and I. He gazed on her beautiful form divine, He put out the light and pulled down the blind, And thought he was in for a wonderful time, Even as you and I.

She took off her waist and showed her white breast, Even as you and I.

Boltgun (Warhammer 40k - Big Iron Parody)

He stripped right down to the hair on his chest, Even as you and I. He jumped into bed with a yearning desire, His body was feverish, his brain was on fire, And then he discovered he had a flat tire, Oy! The fool sat down and he made a prayer, Even as you and I. To a rag, and a bone, and a hank of hair, Even as you and I.

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For once in his life he prayed on the square, But the beautiful Jane gave up in despair, She called in a bellhop and gave Julius the ail This is between you and I. For some day you may need a little, just as like as not. Don't be a fool, and blaze away at everything you seea Select the best, pass up the rest, and, take it from me, That game is fine and plentiful, the supply ex- ceeds the demand, So use a little judgment—keep a fair supply on hand; For when you run out of lead you might just as well be deadj And what good's the inclination when if s only in your head?

I'm told each man starts out with three thou- sand rounds, about, And that he can neither borrow, beg, nor steal, when he runs out; So it's up to you, old top, and you'll find out, too, at last, That the mill can never grind with water that has passed.

grupoavigase.com/includes/396/4441-laberinto-villapresente-horarios.php So conserve your ammunition while you are young and strong, Remember, you are agin', getting pretty well along— And should you meet a worthy foe, that foe would jeer and scoff, If 'twere found you had an old gun you couldn't fire off. I find when men grow old, with ammunition meager. They lose enthusiasm and are never quite so eager As when young and full of vigor, and it's touglif to hear them say, "He had a good supply of lead, but shot it af away.

If noil you're in the ranks With those who do no damage and fire oitlf harmless blanks.