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Thanks for stopping by—do you live in Milan? Lovely city. Toni: Thanks! Parmigiano is a pasta condiment. Where did this happen? As for 8, I think there was confusion. As for the tap water vs bottled water thing, again, where in Italy do you live? All the points looks to me somewhat correct but not completely.. Point two is quite natural, simply cause coffee here is something different then abroad.

I often take a coffee while friends have a wine glass before lunch.. You can safely ask a cappuccino at the end of a lunch if you want.

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  • Venice is not in Italy;
  • Mikroskopische Diagnostik in der Frauenarztpraxis (German Edition).

For the milk matter.. There are plenty of those rules, but they are more a matter of personal education. Just like not to put your elbows on the table or chew with your mouth open.

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Hope it will add something to the puzzle.. I confirm, it is illegal to serve tap water in restaurants. It is also illegal to serve sodas, juices and any other drink out of a bottle directly into a glass. It has to be served in its own bottle. Example, if you order a coke, it will always be brought to you in either a can or a bottle, if they just put it in a glass they are breaking the law.

This law is for two things:. I still cannot find any evidence of a law prohibiting restaurants from serving customers tap water. In fact, again, I only see it said that if a customer asks for tap water, legally they MUST be provided with it.

Monica Frassoni

So, can you direct me to the exact law number that prohibits restaurants, bars and cafes from serving tap water to customers to ask for it? And, yes, I have noticed that the original cans are always served in Italy along with a glass. I recall all kinds of folks having a cappuccino in the afternoon at the Campo die Fiori bars. BTW, I just discovered your site and have been enjoying it immensely.

Ne me quitte pas

I will be finally returning to Rome in April, so your recommendations and advice have been a godsend. Keep it up! I hope to continue reading your blog posts. How is it in Italy? Is this behavior accepted in restaurants?

Hope that helps, and let me know how it goes. For though I am mostly of British, some Italian, ancestry I spent most of my life growing up around Italians. From recent migrants to people who have been in the Americas for generations. As for the idea of drinking a latte at 2pm. Sure go ahead. Amanda, thanks for the fun education. We are very excited and will be in Venice and Florence for 3 nights each, then onto Rome for 4 nights and then Naples for our last 3 nights, all by train.

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I looked up 14 faux pas in France then looked up the same for Italy. Fortunately I found you. Thank you for the good words and encouragement. We are ready now but must wait! Mille Grazie.

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I will especially have to remember the breakfast point. I will have to take your suggestion to head over to the grocery store and stock up on a few things to make my breakfast each morning. I never knew that it is considering rude for a waiter to immediately bring you your bill in some states.

If we go out to eat, I will remember that I have to ask for the check! Great post and rather amusing! Drinking coffee of any kind in the evening at all mystifies me. So does eating a 3 hour meal that starts at 9 pm. Is all of this done on weeknights, too? How can Italians, especially middle and working class Romans with long commute times from suburbs to the city center, ever sleep more than 3 or 4 hours a night staying up so late, yet still having to be at work by at least 9 AM?

I understand that here in the U. I thought that was supposed to be unhealthy? Does the extremely light breakfast have something to do with it somehow? If you have kids, for example, you might eat around 7 or pm at home. Thank you, Amanda, your blog and handbook were very helpful on our visit to Italy 3 years ago. We loved the trip so much that will be going back in a few weeks! For breakfast, is it ok to order hot or cold milk or hot tea?

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