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Though Spike, acting as a double agent in the hope that his violence- inhibiting microchip will be removed, urges Adam to be cautious, he proves obstinate in his desire to introduce Buffy into the mayhem he is intent on creating.

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Adam, an opponent of man-made origins, is not researchable in the traditional sense. When I have the Slayer.

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Spike: Easier said. She's crafty. Her and her little friends. Adam: Friends? Spike: There's your—what do you call it—variable. The Slayer's got pals. You want her evening the odds in a fight you don't want the Slayerettes mucking about. Adam: Take them away from her. Spike: Now there's a plan. She's working solo, she won't have a chance to come after us when the wild rumpus begins.

Plus, it will make her miserable. And I never get tired of that. Finally, in a series of damning double entendres, Spike convinces Willow that her computer skills have eroded, a circumstance Buffy and Xander both blame on her involvement with wicca and her involvement with Tara. Desperate to gain any information that may be of help in the fight against Adam, Buffy complains to Willow of her slowness in cracking the encryption of computer disks Spike supplied.

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Buffy unwittingly slights Xander as well, underscoring his sense of inutility and inadequacy by refusing to let him help her track down Adam. They want nothing to do with her. An oversight on his part, however—he broke up the gang before Buffy could acquire the information encoded on the disks he left with Willow, intelligence that, had it been decrypted in time, would have delivered her to the Initiative compound alone—forces him to play peacemaker.

The resolution of the Adam crisis requires a synthesis of the unique skills that each member of the team brings to the table, and the original, unified group dynamic returns. Buffy, the Slayer, provides the strength, ingenuity, and tactical skills needed to get to Adam. Giles provides the arcane knowledge, his fluency in Sumerian, needed to cast a specific spell. The spell that finally binds them in the depths of the Initiative compounds articulates a complete fusion of individual ability and shared experience, as mind, spirit, heart, and body—Giles, Willow, Xander, and Buffy—work together to tap into incalculable power.

Adam gets the chaos that he wished for: a group of friends unites to offer him a kind of resistance that far surpasses his capacity for knowing. Cryptic dream sequences bring each individual into contact with the essence of the First Slayer and, though everyone but Buffy fails to grasp fully the nature of that essence, they are not destroyed by the encounter. Instead, they find their personal anxieties rekindled and dramatized, though the bond between them—perversely represented by a recurring bearer of cheese—remains intact.

Unsurprisingly, the content of the dreams is dense and opaque; interpretation of each sequence can only be speculative, at best, and the knot of dream symbolism remains to be untangled in the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What remains clear, however, is that the researches of the Scooby Gang are not yet at an end. You haven't even begun. Something remains to be done. Evil in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When possible, textual extracts from the site were compared against other sources, most notably www.

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She struggles to maintain concentration as one of the women leads the rest in a guided meditation vaguely focusing on feminine energy. The leader then promptly breaks the meditation and begins discussing bake sales and newsletters. This is the Wiccan group of UC-Sunnydale, the fictional college that is the setting for the fourth season of the popular WB show currently in its fifth season.

Though mentioned in previous episodes, this is the only time we see the group and its members. Afterwards, Willow relates her experiences to Buffy. The dialogue ensues: Buffy: So not stellar, huh? Willow: Talk.

All talk. Blah Blah Gaia. Blah Blah Moon…menstrual life force power thingy. You know, after a coupla sessions I was hoping we could get into something real but. Buffy: No actual witches in your witch group?

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  8. Willow: No. Bunch of wanna-blessed-bes. Though Willow is probably not the first to coin the term, its savvy placement in the dialogue disparagingly points to those who want to claim the name but not the acts associated with witchcraft. In a television show that continually tackles the theme of acting out of bounds and using extraordinary abilities to deal with mundane situations and vice versa , magic as both narrative fodder and performative metaphor seems perfectly apt.

    Language works on the ground here as both cultural marker and streetwise skill. In her study of the contemporary witchcraft scene in England, T. Not surprisingly, clever phrase-turning is part of this blurring. In the liminal space of Sunnydale, words take on magical properties both as powerful incantations and as weapons used by the teens to cope with and gain power over their exceptional situations. Taking the metaphor one step further, the development of the Willow character has relied heavily on the use of both kinds of magic as a way to define and take charge of her initially unstable identity.

    As the series progresses, we witness various and sundry incantations, usually in Latin or Sumerian, or some other unintelligible language. At first, Giles plays the role of armchair necromancer. We also have chaos magician Ethan Rayne, who uses a two-faced Janus sculpture to wreak havoc on Halloween just to have a little fun.

    Now we let them come to a simmering boil, then remove to a low flame. Practitioners of Wicca, on some of their more imaginative days, claim to be the followers of a matriarchal, pre-Christian religion that revered the earth as a mother goddess figure, a concept not too far from the ideas of Margaret Murray, who proposed a Western European underground witch cult that survived the persecutions of the 16th and 17th centuries.

    However, what one realizes after studying the vast amount of material available, talking to a few people, and maybe even witnessing a few rituals, is that this at times blatantly fictional reconstruction is quite irrelevant when considering the effectiveness of the basic tenets for those who follow them. The problem here is that these Greek goddesses, while strongly a part of contemporary Wiccan practice, are also the goddesses most often mentioned in materials on the late medieval witch trials, thus preserving the unfortunate Satanic connection.

    In a striking scene, the profoundly hurt young witch, ready to consign the picture of Oz the boyfriend to the flame, ultimately resists and stops the spell before its completion. In the Buffyverse, the spell may have had deadly consequences. In the Wicca universe, the temptation is very real—thus the need for a simple ethic: do what thou wilt but harm none, a code given ancient roots but invented by Gardner and his cronies, equally ripping off St.

    Augustine, Rabelais, and Aleister Crowley. It makes sense.

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    What Whedon is demonstrating through the combination of teen angst and magical metaphor is exactly what Wiccan practitioners are trying to impress on young women interested in their art: that adolescence is an extremely powerful and volatile time where actions have consequences and magic itself cannot be taken lightly. The character of Riley, though he is accustomed to a secret identity himself - psychology T.

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    Yet she also negotiates boundaries between community and isolation. The core group is often expanded by the characters that the original members Buffy, Willow, Xander date. They speak of experimenting, and at this point, Whedon makes it clear that magical experimentation is a close metaphor for sexual experimentation.