I savoiardi: Storia tragicomica di una dinastia (Italian Edition)

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If you can dream it, you can do it Maranellos new GeS building is the latest expression of modern Ferrari. I am attached to my native land.

I would even say fiercely so Enzo was always devoted to his land, even when Ferrari became a truly global brand. I give my collaborators complete trust. I know that it is not ambition that we had alongside us, but a great shared passion that makes us brothers and sisters Enzo was always careful to select the best product suppliers. Brembo has provided the Company with disc brakes for 40 years CO. Aaron De SilvaAaron is a freelance, Singapore-based luxury lifestyle journalist with a penchant for shiny objects. He looks back at Enzos legendarily close relationships with his FI drivers, on page He traces the history of Ferraris front-engined cars, starting on page Seagram PearcePermanently on the move, photographer Seagram calls Cape Town home but his bags are always packed ready for another adventure.

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He shoots the GTB as it goes through a series of tests, on page Nicola CarignaniNicolas passion for photography started in the s looking at the covers of The Face magazine. He works on different projects for an international roster of clients. Nicola shoots our fashion story, on page Justin LeightonAn award-winning photographer and film maker, Justins clients range from specialist magazines to car manufacturers.

Court of Modena authorisation n. Printed by Rotolito. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. All prices are correct at time of going to press, but are subject to change. The Official Ferrari Magazine has taken all reasonable efforts to trace the copyright owners of all works and images and obtain permissions for the works and images reproduced in this magazine. In the event that any of the untraceable copyright owners come forward after publication, The Official Ferrari Magazine will endeavour to rectify the position accordingly.

My father didnt write down his speeches, instead he would prepare a couple of phrases that would sum up his thoughts. Obviously, his audience very much determined how he wanted to come across. With these words, Piero Ferrari explains how Enzos famous, and occasionally obscure, sayings became points of reference for his staff, as well as forming the core of a Company philosophy that is still followed to this day. His famous phrases and maxims have proven remarkably enduring, outlasting their historical context and the specific events for which they were originally composed.

They are important to everyone who works at Ferrari today, from the managers to the staff on the production lines, and especially to those heading a team, who seek to inspire their staff. This is a concept of which Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne gives particular value to. Enzos press conferences were legendary because they underlined the ideas he wanted to promote, continues Piero. He used to prepare meticulously, tailoring his answers to any questions he might be asked.

Considering Enzos pragmatic approach to press and marketing for his Company, there is much to learn from a person who was so close to him, and who is able to explain which phrases are the most significant for him.


I know it is one of my fathers most famous quotes, but My favourite Ferrari is the next one is important because my father believed that a company needed to look to the future to be successful and never stop improving. But actually. As well as his unique way of expressing himself, Enzo used his charm to get his point across and render even the most outlandish request reasonable.