Drinking The Kool-Aid

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Events, including the stress of his secrets published in the media, unraveled him further.

How Jim Jones led massacre victims to 'drink the Kool-Aid'

Always prone to outlandish claims, Jones boasted of ever greater powers. Milk could not have known everything that was happening in Jonestown. But his letter to Carter is notable for its omissions. He did not mention the many articles in the San Francisco press alleging terrible deeds committed by the reverend: ordering burglaries, overseeing beatings, drugging followers, fleecing life savings, conducting dry runs for mass suicide, and holding hundreds of people against their will in a concentration camp.

The men clearly shared strong political ties. Milk so loved Jim Jones that he lied to the president of the United States in order to help him. Two months before writing the American president, Milk sent a similar letter to the Guyanese prime minister, socialist strongman Forbes Burnham.

drink the Kool-Aid

Unfortunately, this does the Flavor Aid folks no favors. You're a person of integrity, so you want to get the facts right, and you want to avoid causing undue harm. These are two great reasons to stop using a hurtful expression that has no basis in reality. People who care about leading with integrity will thank you.

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Drinking the Kool-Aid

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Don't Drink The Kool-Aid Documentary

Dec 17, Along the muddy path that served as a sidewalk for much of the commune, other reminders of the life and death that were Jonestown lie half buried in the fertile soil. A pair of woman's eyeglasses, a towel, a pair of shorts, packets of unopened Flavor-Aid lie scattered about waiting for the final cleanup that may one day return Jonestown to the tidy, if overcrowded, little community it once was.

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by Jacquelyn Lofstad