Daughter by Spirit: A Novel

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The novel centres on a terminally-ill teenager named Connor who sets off on a wild tour of Scotland, getting into scrapes with the law along the way. We found she reacted very well to creative things," he said.

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The charity helps thousands of children across Scotland every year and John, who now lives near Edinburgh, is hoping to bring the service to Northern Ireland. He hopes his novel captures his late daughter's spirit, Verity wanting to keep doing everything she could despite her illness. John said living in Belfast during the Troubles had also helped him find humour in tough situations.

Spirit 2{The son and daughter of Spirit}

He said his father's car was blown up by a bomb when he was aged around six. The first novel in a dramatic trilogy set in eleventh-century France about the lives and loves of three daughters of the great Talmud scholar In , the scholar Salomon ben Isaac returns home to Troyes, France, to take over the family winemaking business and embark on a path that will indelibly influence the Jewish world, writing the first Talmud commentary, and secretly teaching Talmud to his daughters.


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Joheved, the eldest of his three girls, finds her mind and spirit awakened by religious study, but, knowing the risk, she must keep her passion for learning and prayer hidden. When she becomes betrothed to Meir ben Samuel, she is forced to choose between marital happiness and being true to her love of the Talmud.

Rich in period detail and drama, Joheved is a must read for fans of Tracy Chevalier? Raised in a secular, socialist household, she reached adulthood with little knowledge of her Jewish religion. All that changed when David Parkhurst, who was to become her husband, entered her life,… More about Maggie Anton.

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Set in the old-growth eucalypt forests and vast rugged mountains of southern Tasmania, The Orchardist's Daughter is an uplifting story about friendship, resilience and finding the courage to break free. More books by this author.

Daughter by Spirit: A Novel

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